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He grabbed my thumb and led me away from the accident. There was no point in watching any more, still i was reluctant to move. We have to go find the others he said. He never looked straight at me. We walked in the grass, around the shack and down to the stream. For some reason, I had never walked down there before. We went into a concrete tunnel, dark but warm. A part of a noise was leaking from the ceiling. Now there was that music again. He sat down and heard me do the same. Finally we are no one he said.

Finally We Are No One


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A light in the daytime is a lonely thing.

John Steinbeck
The Moon Is Down

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last night, i dreamt of ghosts.

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fantastic to the beautiful end.

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Her eyes closed with the faint, amused resignation of one who had been failed her whole life.

Tom Bissell
God Lives In St. Petersburg
McSweeney's 11

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two completely immersed lives, distanced by an empty seat.