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inspiration #7

Tim Davis

thought #6

Its been a long time since I've had a scab.

movie #3

Bus 174


inspiration #6

Moshe Safdie
Habitat '67


movie #2

War of the Worlds

thought #5

Early yesterday, I was hit on by an attractive girl who turned out to be 17. Later that evening, I was approached by a man in his 40s with a toupe who introduced himself as Steeeeve.

Something inbetween would be nice.


quote #6

I must explain why it is that at night, in my own house,
Even when no one’s asleep, I feel I must whisper.
Thoreau and Wordsworth would call it an act of devotion,
I think; others would call it fright; it is probably
Something of both. In my living-room there are matters I’d
__rather not meddle with
Late at night.

I prefer to sit very still on the couch, watching
All the inanimate things of my daytime life -
The furniture and the curtains, the pictures and books-
Come alive,
Not as in some childish fantasy, the chairs dancing
And Disney prancing backstage, but with dignity,
The big old rocker presiding over a silent
And solemn assembly of all my craftsmen,
From Picasso and other dignities gracing my walls
To the local carpenter benched at my slippered feet.

I find these proceedings
Remarkable for their clarity and intelligence, and I wish I
___might somehow
Bring into daylight the eloquence, say, of a doorknob.
But always the gathering breaks up; everyone there
Shrinks from the tossing turbulence
Of living,
A cough, a creaking stair.

Reed Whittemore
Still Life


inspiration #5

Christian De Vietri
Einstein’s Refrigerator 2nd Law

movie #1

Annie Hall

quote #5

It is not a criticism, rather a suggestion that he do some exercises and go on a diet, don't you think? I'm doing this for the gentlemen's health.

Fidel Castro
on describing Jeb Bush as the President's "fat little brother"


inspiration #4


inspiration #3

Gillian White


inspiration #2

Tony Cragg
Bent of Mind

quote #4

One of the benefits of being a messy person is that your life, in a condition of irretrievable disorder, is full of surprises.

Bill Buford
On the Bay
The New Yorker


thought #4

my pinky toenails are absolutely worthless.

inspiration #1

Wendy Taylor
Brick Knot