movie #9

The Life of Mammals Vol. 1

thought #9

As a child, I spent countless hours with Mr. Rogers, King Friday, Henrietta and the rest of the gang. For me, Mr. Rogers was a gift from god. But I couldn't help but feel that once the cameras were off, he would demand to be called Fred, the cardigan would be replaced with a wife beater and he'd watch some softcore porn beer in hand. However, after viewing this, I'm ashamed I ever had such thoughts.


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music #2

I'd like to take a road trip this summer. And I'd like to think that at some point I would be driving along a monotonous stretch of asphalt just when the sun was stepping out of bed. And I would be enjoying a delicious cup of coffee accompanied by a freshly lit cigarette. And this would be playing. And it will be glorious.

Artist: Beirut
Album: Gulag Orkestar
Song: The Gulag Orkestar
An amazing album with guests from Neutral Milk Hotel. It will make you want to roll around with a circus bear. Even more extraordinary considering this is the project of a 19 year old kid.

inspiration #10

Edwin Wurm
Fat Car

photo #10

quote #8

Architecture in general is frozen music.

Friedvich von Schelling


music #1

if you ever see me walking along rhythmically punching at the sky it's because i'm listening to this.

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thought #8

I will never understand the man who is completely comfortable chatting on his cell phone while taking a shit in a public restroom.


photo #8

movie #8

Hustle & Flow


quote #7

In the Rodin Museum, there is a naked woman with very erotic breasts and a terrific ass. She is sweet, she is beautiful.

A blind adolescent girl's response, when asked to describe her image of beauty, reflecting on running her hands over a female sculpture at the Musee Rodin


movie #7

Songs From the Second Floor

Couldn't be more recommended. Every frame has the precision and beauty of a Gregory Crewdson shot. Incredibly imaginative, impeccably done.


inspiration #9

Neo Rauch

movie #6

The Last Temptation of Christ

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movie #5

Breaking the Waves


thought #7

Witnessed MTA Panhandling Techniques for the Month of April
• Accordian: 1
• Sax: 1
• Guitar: 3
Explanatory Note: 1
Explanatory Speech: 2
Unintelligible Speech: 2
Wheelchair: 1

inspiration #8

Jan Von Holleben
from dreams of flying series