inspiration #39

Untitled (View of Onomatopoeia from Sea) / 2008
Avatars / 2005
Untitled / 2006
The Hunter's Cabin / 2004
Charles Avery


overheard #2

"You want more Obama?"

woman to man after he purchased Esquire
magazine with Obama on the cover


quote #35

Once, somebody asked Robert Schumann to explain the meaning
of a certain piece he had just played on the piano.

What Robert Schumann did was sit back down at the
piano and play the piece of music again.

Wittgenstein's Mistress
David Markson


movie #50

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum
Volker Schlöndorff & Margarethe von Trotta

movie #49

Mon Oncle Antoine
Claude Jutra


movie #48

The Constant Gardener
Fernando Meirelles


movie #47

Antonia's Line
Marleen Gorris
"Time conquered time.... Time took no notice of death or life, decay or growth, and love, hate or jealousy. It ignored all those things which are so important to us that we forgot time."

movie #46

Marie Antoinette
Sofia Coppola


photo #23


quote #34

Now, she was in the trailer sitting in the dark, TV not on, radio not on, her legs in wrapping, and her nightgown looking like it was a hundred and two years old. She could hear the boy from the Mormon Church rapping on the door, breaking the silence, the boy who came over to help her. He would do the dirty dishes that were all over the table and all over the sink, pick up after the trail of the immediate past of the day before, and the five days before, all that record of living from day to day through the twisting of her limbs. Sometimes she would sit and not reply to the boy's knock, sit in the dark, and feel him looking through the panes of the door to see if he could find her shadow sitting there. Finally, she would say, "Go away."

The Executioner's Song
Norman Mailer


movie #45

Sidney Lumet

movie #44

The Man Without A Past
Aki Kaurismäki

movie #43

Days of Heaven
Terrence Malick