movie #69

Full Metal Jacket / 1987
Stanley Kubrick

photo #27

movie #68

Fistful of Dollars / 1964
Sergio Leone


announcement #2


movie #68

Breathless / 1960
Jean-Luc Godard

photo #26


movie #67

Inside Man / 2006
Spike Lee


quote #41

In a settlement named Don Jon, New Mexico, I talked to a man propped against the shady side of the filling station, enjoying the only patch of shade in a hundred miles due east. He was an old fellow, seventy-five if a day, with a face like sun-brittled leather and pale-blue eyes under the brim of a felt hat which had once been black. The only thing remarkable about him was the fact that while you looked into the sun-brittled leather of the face, which seemed as stiff and devitalized as the hide on a mummy's jaw, you would suddenly see a twitch in the left cheek, up toward the pale-blue eye. You would think he was going to wink, but he wasn't going to wink. The twitch was simply an independent phenomenon, unrelated to the face or to what was behind the face or to anything in the whole tissue of phenomena which is the world we are lost in. It was remarkable, in that face, the twitch which lived that little life all its own.

All the King's Men
Robert Penn Warren

inspiration #50

Woman / 2005
Tathata / 2007
Lying Eyes / 2005
Happy End / 2005
Charline von Heyl


movie #66

Lord of the Flies / 1963
Peter Brook

movie #65

The Wrestler / 2008
Darren Aronofsky

inspiration #49

Fish / 2008
Del ahorro / 2008
Electrodom / 2008
Albert Oehlen


movie #64

Tonari no Totoro / 1988
Hayao Miyazaki

movie #63

Art School Confidential / 2006
Terry Zwigoff

thought #16

The cello is the saddest instrument.